Awards were given to student, Lecturer, alumny, staff, and public figure who give excellence achieved and contributed to BINUS University and society. With this awards, hopefully they are more eager to always inspire and contribute positively to BINUS University and society.
Alumni Recognition in the field of Entrepreneurship given to all Bina Nusantara University alumni who has the spirit of entrepreurship and has developed significant contribution to the public and academic
Annual event given to students who have extraordinary local and international achievement both in the academic and non academic field.
This best lecturer award is given to all lecturers of BINUS University. These awards is divided into three categories and distributed to three winners: - Faculty Member, Faculty member Subject
The best teaching award is presented to all lecturers of BINUS University including AFM, FM, FM-SCS, and FM-STR, who has exceeded these aspects: performance, responsibility, campus life manners, extraordinary w
BINUSIAN Awards of Excellence is given to all graduates who has GPA of 4.00.
Samartharupa comes from Sanskrit. Samartha means smart or able, while rupa means visual. Samartharupa is closed to the field of Design where the graphic designers is required to be able
Wibowo award is given to the graduates who have high academic achievement and active in the University student's organization.

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